How Collaboration Fuels Creativity

Town Hall Seattle hosts Joshua Wolf Shenk with Jess Van Nostrand for the talk, How Collaboration Fuels Creativity. According to Joshua Wolf Shenk, creativity and innovation work best in pairs. Powers of Two analyzes historical dynamic duos — from politicians and musicians, to artists and business partners. His account highlights the ways these partnerships are created and how these dyads mutually propel one another to greatness.


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  • Town Hall Seattle (map)

AIGA Seattle Schmooze

AIGA Seattle hosts their monthly social event, Schmooze, at Clever Bottle. 

Join AIGA board members and other Seattle designers (of all kinds) on the last Thursday of each month to swap ideas, vent about impossible deadlines, share inspiration, and have a laugh.

No reservation needed, no cover charge but must be 21 and attendees are responsible for their own tabs. It's sure to be a great time!


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  • Clever Bottle (map)

Ink, Drop & Roll!

The Bellevue Arts Museum is hosting a day of steamroller printing and hands-on activities in celebration of Under Pressure: Contemporary Prints for the Collection of Jordan D. Schnitzer and his Family Foundation.

Steamroller Printmaking, 10am - 2pm

Hands-on Activities, 10am - 2:30pm
Silkscreening, letterpress, easycut blocks, and monoprinting.

Demonstrations, 10am - 2:30pm
Drypoint, etching, monoprinting, large easycut block printing, and relief.


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  • Bellevue Arts Museum (map)

E-commerce Content: Best Practices, Conversion Tips, and User Satisfaction

Content Strategy Seattle hosts a panel on e-commerce content, best practices, and how to meet the twin goals of conversion and user satisfaction. The panel includes:


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  • Content26 (map)

Art & Technology: Speed Dating 2.0

TPR is hosting an evening of Speed Dating featuring makers in art and technology. This event introduces creative people who may not meet each other otherwise for an entertaining evening of "first dates" that allows for 250 conversations to take place in one hour.

Both art and technology are unavoidable aspects of life, so how can they be resources for each other? The goal of Speed Dating 2.0 is to explore the creative territory that is shared by art and technology and to begin conversation that could foster creative problem-solving between these fields. 


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  • 10 degrees (map)

Sit down, Plug in, Change the World!

On October 3 through 5, technology and creative volunteers will donate their weekend to complete projects for local nonprofits.

Designers are always needed. Consider volunteering your time.

Visit to sign-up as a volunteer or submit a nonprofit project.

  • Microsoft Building 37 (map)

Human Consequences of Technology

Town Hall Seattle presents Nicholas Carr for the talk, Human Consequences of Technology.

Technology advances have created new world, but with that world comes a new set of problems — planes have crashed because of autopilot error and GPS technology might be making our brains dysfunctional. According to journalist Nicholas Carr, misuse and overreliance on these devices has had an overwhelmingly negative effect on the human experience. Based on psychological and neurological studies, The Glass Cage: Automation and Us explains what technology is “stealing” from us. Carr will explore these negative effects, and why they’re creating a more disengaged, disconnected citizenry. He’ll also offer advice on how to utilize these automations, without compromising “our lives and the world we find ourselves in.” Carr is the author of three other books, including The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains.


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  • Town Hall Seattle (map)

Your UX Career Path: In-house, agency, both or neither? with Matt Dente

This month's IA/UX meetup is co-hosted by IxDA Seattle and will feature Matt Dente, co-founder of Fell Swoop.

With User Experience designers in such high demand, those entering the field today have more choices than ever before. There’s no single right way to embark on your journey, but many before you have uncovered a path to success, so why not learn from them? 

Matt Dente will share insights from surveys and interviews with UX professionals as well as his own experience as a designer in the field for over 15 years. If you’re planning your first step in a career, or considering your next move, this talk will provide insights that will help you make the right choices for your own path.



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