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Nail It. Stories for Designer on Negotiating with Confidence

  • Makerhaus 122 Northwest 36th Street Seattle, WA 98107 USA (map)

Ted Leonhardt joins IxDA Seattle and Makerhaus for a talk on his newly released book, Nail It: Stories for Designers on Negotiating with Confidence (available on iTunes).

Conversation and light refreshments will start the evening at 7PM followed by Ted's presentation at 7:30.

Makerhaus members free; non-member students $5; Non-members $10

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About the book

This is the first book to lead emerging designers to the salaries they deserve, and author Ted Leonhardt is the first person to dedicate his career to addressing the challenges creative people face.

“Nail It” is a pocket guide that uses real-world stories to demystify the negotiation process. Does negotiating intimidate you? Have you left a meeting with the vague feeling that you caved in too soon? Ted suggests that feeling gun-shy and giving in too soon are common in the creative community, and that such costly missteps can be avoided. “Nail It” was inspired by conversations the author had with the 2013 BFA design graduates of the University of Washington, which in turn led to conversations with his friends, clients, and colleagues on their experiences entering the business. Undeniable patterns came to light, ones creative people encounter and struggle with time and again.

Using his own appealing illustrations and a light touch, the author identifies principles and strategies to help designers of every stripe earn more money. In “Nail It” you’ll learn how to:

  • Beat back feelings of intimidation when negotiating
  • Jumpstart a stalled interview
  • Maintain your integrity at every stage of a job search
  • Always behave like an expert
  • Attract the interviews you want
  • Never leave money on the table that should be yours!

About Ted

Seattle native Ted Leonhardt graduated from The Burnley School of Professional Art. In 1985, with his wife Carolyn, he established The Leonhardt Group (now FITCH). The Leonhardt Group grew to fifty employees and $10 million in annual fee sales by the time they sold in 1999. Ted and Carolyn moved to Europe where Ted served as Chief Creative Officer for FITCH Worldwide out of London through 2002. From 2003-2005 he was president of Anthem Worldwide, an international brand design group. Since then Ted has helped design firms and individuals get their fair share of the economic pie through his consulting practice. His new book Nail It. Stories for Designers on Negotiating with Confidence is now out as an e-book on iTunes and Kindle and will be in print in late January 2014.

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