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Unicorns - Becoming an Effective UX Professional

  • Substantial 900 E Pine St #202 Seattle, WA 98122 USA (map)

Refresh Seattle hosts Patrick Neeman, Director of Product Design at Apptio, for a talk on being an effective UX professional.

The session will cover both the skills needed to be an effective UX Designer in almost any organization. Discussed will be the hard skill spectrum may differ by the type of organization of project, what a T skill set is and why it’s important to hiring managers, and strategies how to market their own skills more effectively.

Also covered is what’s never stated: soft skills that are essential to being UX Designers job in almost any organization, These skills are never listed in a job description as a requirement or taught during a college course, but are needed to push an effective design through any organization. This session will discuss:

  • The hard skill profile many organizations look for
  • The soft skills that are never listed in a job description
  • How to take stock in your skill set so you can be more effective as a UX Professional


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