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Building Trust Through Design: Community Speakers @ SDF

This event is presented by IxDA Seattle as part of the Seattle Design Festival.


Join IxDA Seattle for an evening of lightning talks (< 10 min each) from local designers and technologists. Presenters will share their perspectives on the complex topic of building trust through design.

Expand your understanding of how trust and the design process are intertwined. Join us to explore how bolstering trust enhances the design discipline's relevance in today's world and how technology might be changing our concepts of trust. Before diving into presentations, the evening will kick off with an opportunity to meet the speakers and other attendees. Food and beverages provided.



Designing for Trust in AI

Dr. Arathi Sethumadhavan - Senior Design Research Manager @ Microsoft

Dr. Arathi is a Senior Design Research Manager at Microsoft, where she leads a team that conducts user research on AI and ethics. Prior to joining Microsoft, she worked for a number of years at Medtronic designing medical technology that saved lives, including the world’s smallest pacemaker. She is currently editing a book on Designing Technology for Health and has won awards from the American Psychological Association, the American Psychological Foundation, and the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.


J'ai perdu ma clé: What Losing the Keys to My AirBnB Taught Me About Designing for Trust in The Sharing Economy

Ronald Viernes - Senior Visual Designer @ Blink

Ronald is a Visual Designer at Blink and has a strong passion for coming up with elegant solutions to complex user-centered design problems. On a trip to Paris this summer, he lost the key to his AirBnB, leading to a sharing-economy adventure in trust, communication, and swearing in French.


Designing for Security: Stories + Principles of Trust, Safety & Privacy

Cheryl Couris + Carolyn Huynh - Interaction Designers @ Google

Cheryl Couris is a former Senior UX Manager at Microsoft and design instructor at School of Visual Concepts in Seattle. Carolyn is a former web developer and UW HCDE Master's graduate. After joining forces on the Google Cloud Security + Privacy UX team, they set out on a mission to bring awareness of classic security design principles to the forefront of both design teams to ensure user trust is upheld as a #1 priority as well as consumers so that everyone can recognize ways to ensure their experiences are safe, secure and trustworthy.


Trust Me: I'm a Designer.

Tony Yates - Director of Design Strategy @ Smartsheet

With experience ranging from Fortune 50 corporations such as Amazon, Microsoft, and HTC, as well as boutique agencies, agile startups, and nonprofits, Tony Yates is an industry-leading visual and UX designer and brand strategist. His vision has driven global website designs, hung on freeway billboards, and has been used to move the needle for corporations in need of world-class design. His meticulous attention to detail has allowed him to spearhead multi-screen solutions with effective design, and his strategic acuity has allowed him to conduct user-focused deep dives from wireframe to finish. He makes a mean logo, loves churros, and has an abiding sense of humor.

Accessibility and Trust

Devon Persing - Senior UX Developer / Accessibility Specialist @ Shopify

Devon Persing works on accessibility and design systems at Shopify. For the past fifteen years she's been an accessibility consultant, a front-end developer, a UX designer, an information architect, and a librarian, usually not all at the same time.

Putting the U in Trust: The Foundations of Building Trust Through Design

Rachel Anderson - Jr. UI/UX Designer @ RobustWealth Inc.

Rachel is a Jr. UI/UX Designer who loves design and public speaking! She has designed multiple magazines, worked as a freelance photographer, and I write a blog about all things UX ( She is passionate about the topic of trust and design because she has many loved ones who struggle with technology and are often taken advantage of, scammed, or simply confused.



5:30p | Doors open

5:30 - 6:00p | people arrive; food & drink & spontaneous conversation

6:00 - 7:00p | 5 speakers will present lightning-style talks about the intersection of Trust and Design

7:00 - 7:30p | more food & drink & spontaneous conversation

7:30p | clean up!