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IxDA Seattle

IxDA Seattle is a volunteer run organization and we're often looking for volunteers to help on the day of events, plan events, and lead the future of IxDA Seattle as part of the board. If you are interested in getting more involved please fill in the form below, please specify what you would like to work on and we will get in touch.


Interaction 19

The hottest design conference is coming to town and would love your help. There are tons of amazing opportunities to get involved pre and during the event. Please visit interaction19.ixda.org/volunteer to learn more and get involved.

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Recognizing past volunteers

2014–15 Programming Committee

Bram Wessel, Bridget Weis, Cathie Toshach, Dave Opincarne, Delaney Cunningham, Emilie Thaler, Judi DeCicco, Laura Morgan, Llewyn Paine, M'Elena Holder, Michelle Li, Nadia Sawir, Phillip Hunter, SL Rao, Smitha Bhat Bharadwaj, TJ Telan


2012 Seattle Design Festival Volunteers

Design block and workshop crew: Alex Schoner, Charissa Janee Lind, Gerry Chu, Jimmy Wong, John van Loh, John Suciu, Judi DeCicco, Ken Trask, Mark Ashley, Melanie Wang, Michellene Steinberg, Mitchell Erickson, Pen Stanton, Sander Viegers, Stu Haury, Tom Lurino, Tom Rideout and Wendy Leung

Workshop presenters
Joyce Chou, Ming-li Chai and Nikki Pfarr

Film crew
Aaron Calzado, Erin Murphy, Jeff Posadas, Ryan Sun and Sam Cook

Film contributors
Carrie Bodle, Hillel Cooperman, Mark Reddington, Mindy Cameron, Rob Moore, Sarah Snider, and Wendy Pautz

Photo contest jury
Ann Pallesen, Shaun Swalley and Tim Girvin


2013 Seattle Design Festival Volunteers

Healthiest Hood: A City-wide Health Challenge
Alex Schoner, Barbara Birney, Christina Elsberry, Daniel Nelson, David Reeves, Devesh Desai, Farrukh Raza, Judi DeCicco, Kristine Johnson, Llewyn Paine, Nadia Sawir, Sameer Halai, Tammi Taylor