Microinteractions: Designing with Details with Dan Saffer


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mixer followed by presentation and Q&A with Dan Saffer.


The difference between a good product and a great one are its details: the microinteractions that make up the small moments inside and around features. How do you turn on mute on your phone? How do you know you have a new email message? How can you change a setting? All these little moments—which are typically not on any feature list and often ignored—can change a product from one that is tolerated to one that’s beloved. This talk provides a new way of thinking about designing digital products: as a series of microinteractions that are essential to bringing personality and delight to applications and devices. We’ll delve into the structure of microinteractions—Triggers, Rules, Feedback, and Loops—and talk about why you should: Bring The Data Forward, Don’t Start From Zero, Use What is Often Overlooked, and Long Loops.


Dan Saffer (@odannyboy) is an interaction designer and the author of four books on design, Designing Devices (2011), Designing Gestural Interfaces (2008), Designing for Interaction (2006, 2009), and Microinteractions (2013). Since 1995, Dan has designed devices, software, websites, and services. Millions of people every day use the products that Dan has designed. He regularly speaks at conferences and teaches workshops on interaction design all around the world.


6:30 Doors Open

7:00 Talk starts

7:45 Q&A


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This event is a joint collaboration by IA/UX Meetup, IxDA Seattle, Puget Sound SIGCHI, Content Strategy Meetup, and ASIS&T.