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Qualitative Proof: Guerilla user research for content strategy

Puget Sound SIGCHI hosts Misty Weaver for a talk on how building a content strategy starts with research.

Analytics can show how current users behave on your channels, but not why. Market research data can help you define general behaviors for large sectors. Stakeholders always seem to have assumptions about who their customer and ideal customer should be. So, how can you learn about the audience you really have and how they really think, feel, act? Especially with little time, budget, or buy-in? A little qualitative data early on can go a long way. This talk will explore “guerilla” research techniques practitioners have used to gather information from real people. This qualitative data can inform audience profiles, archetypes, and personas. It can help us evaluate our current content and UX, test and validate new designs, as well as provide quotes and anecdotes for persuading stakeholders. 


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