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Beyond the Design Sprint: Creating Timeless Research (w/ Joe Munko)

  • Blink 1011 Western Ave suite 600 Seattle, WA 98104 (map)
Beyond the Design Sprint

Design moves fast in tech. The design sprint is widely embraced because it progresses teams toward their end goals. Yet it often demands hastily-reviewed user feedback in lieu of deeper levels of UX inquiry. How can we move from conducting one-off studies that produce disposable insights to building durable human-centered knowledge? How do we conduct UX research that connects into design and engineering cycles while also informing product strategy over the long term?

In this talk, Joe Munko will outline how and why he's instituted an ethos of timeless research within Microsoft's Research and Insight team. He'll present their process of curating a body of knowledge about customers’ beliefs, capabilities, and needs, leveling that up to organizational knowledge, and applying these insights to future product development. He'll discuss how his team leverages their research repository to connect their generative and agile research over time and across products. He'll also speak to the importance of teaching product teams how to use this repository to meet their own specific goals. His team has developed a suite of tools and trainings that allow product managers and designers to mine this growing collection of data, empowering them to find not only the answers they need but also the best human-centered questions to ask from the very beginning of product development.


Joe Munko, Partner Director of Research & Insight, Windows & Devices Group at Microsoft

Joe Munko, has managed teams of 100+ researchers, data scientists, and analysts to execute primary and secondary customer research at Microsoft. Over the past nine years, Munko has driven a vision of innovation in User Research, leading to development of ground-breaking new methods, tools and processes that revolutionize the way researchers do their work. In this talk Munko speaks to the challenges and experience of building the case for and delivering on the promise of scaling customer obsession at Microsoft.


6:00p | Doors open

6:00 - 6:30p | people arrive; food & drink & spontaneous conversation

6:30 - 7:30p | Presentation and Q&A

7:30 - 8p | more food & drink & spontaneous conversation, clean up!